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Jason Reidy
Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC
(212) 420-2397

Allow me to add Transmission Electron Microscopy (TME) to your roster of diagnostic services, in the event you do not already offer this capacity to your patients/clients. 

Currently I perform the diagnostic and research TEM studies for New York City's largest voluntary hospital network at the Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC.  This service is primarily for the Continuum Health partnership for the Attending Pathologists at our seven member hospitals.  Via overnight delivery and electronic data transfer, I can offer this powerful tool to you as a fast turn-around service with very low per-specimen fee and no overhead cost.

TEM studies include the processing from wet tissue through diagnostic prints and written commentary.  I am not a Pathologist, so the prints and remarks would be for the final sign-out of the submitting pathologist.  I generally observe the specimen the day following tissue processing, which is usually the day of receipt; digitally captured images can then be emailed immediately.  I prefer to email scanned images of the photographic prints, as the quality is significantly better.  The prints and light microscope preps (tolluidine-stained epoxy sections) are also sent by regular mail or overnight delivery service.   So results are generally available on the day after receipt (when received in the morning), and all results may be in your hands by three days after specimen receipt.   This is really no different than the service I provide for our member institutions.

Fee for this service and any other questions are provided by writing to:


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