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You may submit cases via E-mail in a message with a description of the case and attach the files containing the digitized images in a JPEG format.    You may use a MIME encoding method if available.    The digitized images can be obtained directly from a microscope by means of a high resolution TV camera, a computer and an image grabber card.   An alternative method is to take pictures with conventional film photography (i.e. Ektachrome or Kodachrome slides) followed by scanning of the photographs to obtain the digitized images.   Description of this method is found in our publication "High Resolution and Low Cost Static Telepathology.    A complete clinical history, as required for submission of any regular surgical pathology case, is necessary.   All patient information is kept confidential.  However, because transmission of information through the Internet is not guaranteed to be confidential, the use of code names is required.    For the digitized images, we require a gross image (if available) and microscopic images taken at different powers of magnification (x2,x4, x10, x20, x40).   Images should have a resolution of at least 800x600 pixels; best if they are 1024x768 pixels.   It would be desirable to have an image of the whole section on the slide taken with a high resolution scanner (see method) or with a TV camera with a macro lens.    We would like to get familiar with your system and/or help you to develop it.   You may send as many cases as you want for forum case presentations or for trial purposes and free of charge.

Please, call our telephone (303-419-7435) as soon as you submit a case in order to confirm the arrival of images and information.   We provide 24 hours a day / 7 days per week service through this system.

Forum Case presentations require that at the end of the forum you send us the statistics of the answers, the final diagnosis and a discussion about the case including bibliographical references. In these cases, TelePathology Consultants, PC is not responsible for the content and comments made by our contributors (See Disclaimer).

Formal consultations with official final diagnosis require that you send the glass slides via Air Mail (
See Disclaimer).    These consultations do not require the previous submission of electronic images.    Our final diagnosis with comments about the case are returned via e-mail or fax.

Via Air Mail:  This is the classic procedure for sending cases in which slides and paraffin blocks are sent via air mail or by overnight delivery services. For this case, there is no requirement for previous submission of electronic images.

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We are a nonprofit organization for academic purposes only and no charges are made for the submission of telepathology cases.   Due to legal and liability insurance issues and because there is no well defined federal regulations about telepathology services, we do not provide formal diagnostic consultations for the submission of electronic images.   At this time, our Web site is oriented to research and educational purposes only (See Disclaimer).   Upon receiving of telepathology cases, we will provide you with comments about the quality of images, telepathology protocol, and basic commentaries about the images transmitted.   

Our telepathology services are relatively new, which started in 1997, and we would like to encourage its use by offering physicians the possibility of sending us pathology cases in a trial basis and free of charge. 



In Forum Cases, we do not require the submission of glass slides since the pathologist submitting the case is responsible for the images and additional information.    We assume no responsibility for comments made about electronic images alone (See Disclaimer).   




Telepathology is a new sub-specialty in the field of pathology.  We are one of the first telepathology services available in the Internet with several years of experience at the level of experimental telepathology.









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