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.CPT Codes



First the resident will complete a pre-test, composed of 10 surgical pathology reports, with all patient identifiers removed. For each case, the resident will document the appropriate CPT code(s) and a description of the specimen/stain that is associated with each CPT code. For cases in which there are multiple specimens/stains/studies/etc with the same billing code, the resident should choose the correct number of items from the drop down box and then specifically list each item within the description box. For example, a case that consists of a colon biopsy, a stomach biopsy, immunostain for H. pylori and a CK7 would be documented as follows:




CPT Code

# items


Case X


x 2

1 Colon biopsy, 1 stomach biopsy


x 2

IHC for H. pylori, CK7


Additionally, two questions in regards to the charges incurred will be included.  For the pre-test, the resident will be provided with the relevant pages of the CPT coding book.



Review each surgical pathology report and enter the billing code(s)/charge(s) that would be applied to it using the drop-down menu of CPT codes. In the next column, write a brief description of what specimen type/special stain/etc is applied to the billing code (For example 88342- CK17; 88313- trichrome, 88305- cervix biopsy).

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1. How much is billed for an 88305 surgical pathology case (most biopsies)? (choose one only)

a. $109

b. $155

c. $268

d. $326


2. How much is billed for a single immunohistochemical stain? (choose one only)

a. $  97

b. $164

c. $340

d. $490


3) Indicate your level of understanding of coding?

a) none         

b) minimal      

c) moderate   

d) very strong


5) Do you think residents should have more responsibility in coding during training?

a) Yes 

b) No  

4) How much instruction have you received during you residency training on billing:

a) none   

b) minimal

c) some   

d) a lot    

1. Review the following cases (Each PDF file will open in a different window)

2. Select choices for each case (all cases require at least one CPT value) (click the Ctrl key to choose more than one value)

3. Click the "Submit" button


CPT Code

# items


Case 1

Case 2

Case 3

Case 4

Case 5

Case 6

Case 7

Case 8

Case 9

Case 10